Alesta M&A advisory

Are you planning of selling Your company / its assets or acquiring new boost for Your operations?

Alesta is a corporate finance advisory services provider for all transactions engaging Finnish companies. We are an independent M&A house with excellent global reach to and committed local execution. When needed our M&A contacts can help You to engage with banks, M&A advisors, M&A boutiques, Nordic advisors, buyout funds, technology private equity providers and venture capitals of all sizes. We specialize in small & mid-market mergers and acquisitions in Finland. Our clients are private equity firms, entrepreneurs, family, private and public companies.

Our experienced team has deep knowledge based on tens of M&A transactions and integrations successfully implemented. In addition to M&A we serve our clients in fundraisings and transaction facilitation. We tailor our team with You always to meet your need in M&A, finance, tax and legal advisory.

What type of M&A support would you need? Please fill in the contact form – so we will be touch for more details.